Made by dancers - for dancers
  • Colombian salsa & tango
    BNF (Colombia) Colombian salsa & tango
  • LA salsa
    Johnny Vazquez & Ana Zidaru (Mexico/Romania) LA salsa
  • NY salsa
    Juan Matos & Amneris Martinez (Puerto Rico/Dominican Rep.) NY salsa
  • LA salsa
    Adrian & Anita (Uruguay/Brazil) LA salsa
  • Kizomba
    Sara Lopez (Spain) Kizomba
  • Kizomba
    Tony Pirata & Sophie Fox (Portugal/UK) Kizomba
  • Cuban salsa
    Wilmer & Maria (Cuba) Cuban salsa
  • Bachata
    David & Jessica (Spain) Bachata
  • LA salsa
    Luis Vazquez (Mexico) LA salsa


The event will take place in Malmö, the 3rd largest city in Sweden, situated by the sea in the southwest corner, 20 minutes from Copenhagen, Denmark. It has easy access via the Öresund bridge, which is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe.


August 15th-22th a friendly and popular outdoor festival "Malmöfestivalen" is taking place in the heart of the city. You will experiemce everything from ground breaking art, music, concerts, dancing and culture to a variety of food that reflects the intercultural vibes and people of Malmö. This is the largest festival in Scandinavia with 1,4 million visits during the week. Everyone is welcome and the festival has a free entrance! This gives you the opportunity to combine the two festivals and have a lot of fun for a whole week.



If you are planning to stay for a longer time, we recommend you to visit:

Turning Torso, Västra Hamnen (the Western Harbour), Öresund bridge, Stapelbäddsparken, St. Peter's Church, Lilla Torg, Gamla Väster, Malmöhus castle, Slottsmöllan/Mölleplatsen, Slottsträdgården, Kungsparken & Slottsparken, Folkets Park



Skåne offers creative, unusual and authentic experiences within comfortable distances of each other. We have extensive plains, undulating fields of rapeseed and 400 kilometres of coastline in three directions with long, inviting sandy beaches, as well as deep forests in the central and north-eastern parts, and steep rocky precipices in the northwest. The rural areas and the charming fishing villages are close to the cities, with cosmopolitan Malmö in the southwest, Helsingborg in the northwest and Kristianstad in the northeast. The island of Hven is known as the pearl in the middle of the Öresund Sound, and is an ideal place for cycling. Skåne is neither one thing nor the other. Skåne has a bit of everything. Skåne is the best of both worlds. Come and discover Skåne for yourself!

Ales Stenar (Österlen), Stenshuvud National Park (Österlen), Simrishamn (Österlen), Kullaberg nature reserve (Höganäs), Lund cathedral (Lund), Dunkers Kulturhus (Helsingborg), Söderåsen National Park (Svalöv), Vattenriket (Kristianstad), Christinehof Ecopark and Copenhagen (Denmark)


Tourist information

Tourist information
Malmö Turism
Address: Skeppsbron 2
Tel: +46-40-32 12 00
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9-17, Saturday-Sunday 10-14:30


Copenhagen Airport (Denmark): this is the main and closest airport with many flight connections.

Train: it takes only 13 minutes from Copenhagen Airport to "Malmö Hyllie" and leaves 3-6 times an hour. While sitting in the train, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Malmö and the landmark Turning Torso.
Price: 105 SEK / approx. 11 EUR

Malmö Airport (Sweden): smaller airport with airlines like SAS, Malmö Aviation, Norwegian, Ryaniar, SAS, Wizz Air. Is situated nearly three mils east of Malmö.

Bus: 30-40 minutes to Malmö
Price: 99 SEK / approx. 10 EUR


Several taxi companies offers fixed prices in the Malmö area. Many taxis are green cars and the majority of taxi companies can pre-order a green car. Always ask about the price before your trip! We recommend:


  • Swedbank Stadion - Eric Perssons väg 51 (VIP entrance 51)
  • Mercure Hotel - Stadiongatan 21

Public transport

In Malmö
Public transport consists a lot of bus routes. All lines go through the "Centralen" (Central Station) or "Gustav Adolfs torg", many of them to both places. Keep in mind that it is cash-free on all the green buses, but it is possible to purchase a ticket by:

  • Phone: according that you hold a Swedish subscription. Sms MAV to 72040 for one adult ticket in Malmö. MAB for a child ticket.
  • JoJo discount card: can be purchased att Skånetrafiken customer service centers at the main stations in Malmö and load it with an amount of at least 200 SEK (approx. 21 EUR) for travel. It offers 20% discount on all trips in Malmö, Skåne and to Copenhagen Airport. The card is reusable.
  • 24/72 hour ticket: can be purchased at Turistbyrån (Tourist office) at Skeppsbron 2 next to the Central Station or at Skånetrafiken customer service centers.


  • A single trip costs 22 SEK / approx. 2,5 EUR
  • 24 hour ticket 65 SEK / approx. 7 EUR
  • 72 hour ticket 165 SEK / approx. 18 EUR

How to get to the venue/hotel
From the station "Malmö Hyllie": bus number 6 to "Södertorp" and bus number 7 to "Hålsjögatan"
From the station "Malmö Triangeln": bus number 6 to "Södertorp"
From other locations: bus number 34 to "Isstadion"

Bus map
Bus 6
Bus 7
Bus 34

In Skåne
There are plenty opportunitys to travel and make excursions in Scania by Skånetarfiken buses and trains. Regional trains will take you quickly to Ystad, Dismrishamn, Lund, Höör, Kristianstad, Helsingborg and Ängeholm.

County buses (yellow buses) connects the towns that do not have rail service. The short distances makes the treep fast, for example Malmö-Lind takes fifteem minutes by train.

Purchase a ticket by:

  • Vending machines: at the station.
  • JoJo discount card: can be purchased on the bus or on Skånetrafiken customer service centers (ei. at Malmö Central Station) and load it with an amount of at least 200 SEK (approx. 21 EUR) for travel. It offers 20% discount on all trips in Malmö, Skåne and to Copenhagen Airport. The card is reusable.
  • 24/72 hour ticket: can be purchased at Turistbyrån (Tourist office) at Skeppsbron 2 next to the Central Station or at Skånetrafiken customer service center.


  • 24 hour ticket 195 SEK / approx. 21 EUR
  • 72 hour ticket 395 SEK / approx. 43 EUR

Tel: (+46) 771-77 77 77

Other usefull information

Country code: +46
Area code: 040
Emergency number: 112

SEK (Swedish kronor), 1 kr = 100 öre

If your are flying to Copenhagen Denmark, don't exchange any money at the aiport. You will get DKK (Danish kronor) at the airport, but we use SEK (Swedish kronor) in Sweden.

Drinking water
Tap water in Sweden is perfectly safe for drinking.

Opening hours for shops
Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-16, Sunday 12-16

You can buy stamps at Pressbyrån, tobacco shops and grocery stores.

220 Volt AC/50 Hz