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    Johnny Vazquez & Ana Zidaru (Mexico/Romania) LA salsa
  • NY salsa
    Juan Matos & Amneris Martinez (Puerto Rico/Dominican Rep.) NY salsa
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DJ Adon

DJ Adon

DJ Adon is the greatest representation of "Tarraxinha" in Spain due to his highly charged, sexy, strong, "dark" and sensual kizomba/tarraxa sessions. He is known as "The Tarraxa King". DJ Andon has been the resident DJ at "Bembé", "Perfect World" and "Salsa But" in addition to being the feature MC at some of the top events and congresses in Spain. His professionalism has allowed him to work with Mika Mendes as a DJ on two occasions and with G-Amado on one occasion in Madrid.

Resident in Madrid, after his early beginnings in dance, and music with piano as main instrument, started as a DJ with the Ballroom Dancing in 1998. Years later he began devoting to Latin rhythms, and in December 2009 made the leap to Afro-Latin world, enhancing and guiding his career to Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse, Kuduro etc., becoming finally the first Spanish Kizomba DJ, recognized in Spain and abroad, taking part in a short time in many international congresses, such as:

- Weekend Afrolatin Connection (Madrid-Spain)
- Sensualdance I (Madrid-Spain)

- I Encuentro Kizombero (Madrid-Spain)
- Sensualdance II (Madrid-Spain)

- I Afrolatin Dance Congress (Pamplona-Spain)
- II Encuentro Kizombero (Madrid-Spain)
- Final España Africadançar (Madrid-Spain)
- Criola Beach Festival 1ª Edición (Alicante-Spain)
- Sensualdance III (Madrid-Spain)

- Bachata con Sentimiento (Madrid-Spain)
- II Muxima Connection (Porto-Portugal)
- II Afrolatin Dance Congress (Pamplona-Spain)
- Plasencia al Son (Cáceres-Spain)
- III Encuentro Kizombero (Madrid-Spain)
- Ondanomala Kizomba Night (Milan-Italy)
- Africadançar 5ª Edición (Lissabon-Portugal)
- I Free Dance Festival Benéfico (Madrid-Spain)
- I Fiesta en la Piel (Málaga-Spain)
- Criola Beach Festival 2ª Edición (Alicante-Spain)
- Salsaludable 9ª Edición (Valladolid-Spain)
- Open Kizomba Spain (Madrid-Spain)
- Like Festival Take III (Lissabon-Portugal)
- Kizomba Day (Leon-France)
- III Encuentro Ibérico (Lissabon-Portugal)
- Sensualdance IV (Madrid-Spain)

- Kizomba Night (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria-Spain)
- Kizomba Day (Valladolid-Spain)
- Ta Fixe Kizomba Festival (Porto-Portugal)
- III Afrolatin Dance Congress (Pamplona-Spain)
- Emoçao Kizomba Festival (Paris-France)
- Final España Africadançar (Madrid-Spain)
- Africadançar 6ª Edición (Lissabon-Portugal)
- L.A. Zouk Congress (Los Angeles, USA)
- "The Butterfly Tour" Dança MaMi (Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Houston)
- I Kizombéalo (Valladolid-Spain)
- Helsinki Afrolatin Flow (Helsinki-Finland) 
- Criola Beach Festival 3ª Edición (Barcelona-Spain)
- Salsaludable 10ª Edición (Valladolid-Spain)
- Kizomba Day (Leon-Spain)
- Kizomba y Punto Dance Festival (Valencia-Spain)
- River Party (Lisbon-Portugal)
- Love Dance Festival (Malmö-Sweden)
- Like Festival Take IV (Lissabon-Portugal)
- Quebec Salsa Festival 6ª Edición (Quebec-Canada)
- Kizomba Day in Ottawa (Canada)
- Kizomba Day in Montreal (Canada)
- 100% Kizomba-Zouk (Dublin-Ireland)
- Kizomba Connection Lille 5ª Edición (Lille-France)
- Kizomba Dagen (Göteborg-Sweden)
- II Kizombéalo (Valladolid-Spain)
- Sensualdance V (Madrid-Spain)
- Kizomba Dagen II (Göteborg-Sweden)