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  • Colombian salsa & tango
    BNF (Colombia) Colombian salsa & tango
  • LA salsa
    Johnny Vazquez & Ana Zidaru (Mexico/Romania) LA salsa
  • NY salsa
    Juan Matos & Amneris Martinez (Puerto Rico/Dominican Rep.) NY salsa
  • LA salsa
    Adrian & Anita (Uruguay/Brazil) LA salsa
  • Kizomba
    Sara Lopez (Spain) Kizomba
  • Kizomba
    Tony Pirata & Sophie Fox (Portugal/UK) Kizomba
  • Cuban salsa
    Wilmer & Maria (Cuba) Cuban salsa
  • Bachata
    David & Jessica (Spain) Bachata
  • LA salsa
    Luis Vazquez (Mexico) LA salsa

DJ Suave

    DJ Suave

    Jessie Spångberg, aka DJ Suave from Sweden is an upcoming and hot Bachata DJ, who has played at all major Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa events in his hometown Gothenburg and Oslo during 2012-13.

    DJ Suave loves playing Kizomba and Salsa music, but his passion and his main focus is Bachata, in which he specializes in all different styles; Sensual, Urbana and Dominican. He is a crowd-pleaser who always plays the latest bachata songs mixed with old hits and hidden gems. As a true bachatero in his own right, he has a nice feel for what kind of music the dancers appreciate, and he is very popular among the big artists.

    DJ Suave is an ambassador for the bachata scene in Gothenburg, promoting and organizing events, as well as teaching. He is always all about having a good time, he knows how to keep a party going and he will definitely energize your dance-floor.